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2020 NAMBA Nationals Countdown

The Huntsville Model Boat Association,
Has been given the honor of hosting the 2020 NAMBA Nationals at  

Brahan Spring Park in Huntsville, AL. (The Rocket City!)


The Coronavirus and its rapid spread has caused Federal, State and Local government agencies to create specific regulations and specific suggestions concerning  public activities. Not all areas of the country are affected exactly the same due to local regulation or the concentration of virus infections. Group activities forbidden in one state may be allowed in a different state. We are told that group activities can increase the chances that the Coronavirus will spread. NAMBA asks everyone to comply with any requirements and safety measures resulting from the Coronavirus.

SET-UP, is October 14th-15th with open water on the 15th -16th.

We will keep the website updated as things progress and We look forward to seeing you in the near future!

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS/RACE INFO PAGE will be updated as more information comes in. Please read all of the NAMBA National Racing Rules and Hull Specifications.

CLASS SPONSORS page will be updated as classes are chosen and will fill up quickly. So please pick your classes asap!

ENTRY/SHOPPING CART can be used to order all of your Classes, Event Tickets- Welcome Party, BBQ and Banquet events. T Shirts and Paddle Boats can also be ordered.

ENTRY FORM page will also let you place your order for a NAMBA Program Ad. Just select the size of Ad you would like DROP IT IN YOUR shopping cart and select PAYPAL, or MAIL IN and then email the Print-Ready artwork to


If you need an Ad made for the Program please email me with all the information you would like on the AD along with any picture's and I'll be happy to put it togeather for you!

For those of you who might be worried? The 2020 NAMBA Nationals HAS NOT been Disrupted! We are still good to go. If in the future something changes we will post it and let everyone know.  Since the Nationals is in October we are hoping everything returns to normal very soon. BE SAFE, BE CAREFUL AND GOD BLESS ALL THROUGH THESE STRESSFUL TIMES!   MUCH LOVE from HMBA and the City of Huntsville, Alabama

Thank you, again for letting HMBA host the 2020 NAMBA Nationals.

We already have 17 Sponsored classes
PLease check out the CLASS SPONSOR's page to see who has already Sponsored a class
and which one's are still available!

If you would like to Sponsor a class, Please select the ENTRY/SHOPPING CART link on this website. You can pay with PAYPAL. I can then remove that class option from the shopping cart and list you as a sponsor. Thank you Again, Kim Grim

For these reasons, some NAMBA events will be delayed.  Hopefully, the events can be rescheduled.  But, this may not be the case.  It is quite possible that events delayed will become events cancelled. You will be notified as soon as possible when an event is delayed or cancelled. Please understand that the event was delayed and/or cancelled in compliance with Federal, State, and/or Local requirements. As soon as possible, event schedules will get back on track and we will try to reschedule any events delayed.

See You at the Races!

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